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From a Parent's Heart

As a mom juggling two lively kids and a busy life, I know the struggle of finding Simple, Reliable products that make parenting a bit easier and keep our little ones safe and sound.

That's how Lily & Edith came to life – A Brand Born From a Parent's Heart, dedicated to bringing you High-Quality, Sustainable goodies.

We're just like you, aiming to raise our kids in a Greener World, and we're here to share our journey and products that make a real difference in our everyday family life.

We are committed to ensure all products meet our high standards.

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Our Promises

  • Fun with Style

    Our products are crafted to blend Functionality with Fun and Style, making parenthood fun for both you and the little ones. 

  • Eco-Friendly

    We champion Sustainability by employing natural materials in our creations, ensuring a green and eco-friendly environment for our children. 

  • Quality & Trust

    Our unwavering dedication to Quality and Affordability guarantees that you receive exceptional value for your investment.

lily and edith childrens sustainable product biodegradable dental floss foam pump bottle reusable snack bags

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Casey, a mama with two little sidekicks and a trio of love and laughs.

Being a mum with two little mischief-makers and a world of responsibilities, I often desire a magic wand that can provide me trustworthy gear that makes parenthood easier and keeps them healthy and sound.

LILY & EDITH's Story

"We're a brand founded by real parents who cherish the mission of guiding our children to live a Sustainable Lifestyle, protecting our planet, nurturing a generation of Earth's guardians, and keeping our planet green."

- Casey, Founder and mum of Lily and Edith