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Explore our PCR Foam Pump Bottle Collection for sustainable kids' products at Lily & Edith, featuring eco-friendly reusable snack bags, recycled dispenser bottles, and biodegradable floss. Designed for eco-conscious families, our products offer practical, high-quality solutions for children and busy parents.
LILY & EDITH Eco-Friendly Recycled Foaming pump bottle
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2 products

Love Our Foamy Bottle

  • Splash Less, Save More

    Each pump delivers fun-filled foam using LESS soap and water!

  • Bubble Up, Waste Down

    Foam bottle offers more usage per soap quantity, CUTTING DOWN on refill frequency and packaging waste!

  • Recycle & Reduce New Landfill

    Let's use Recycled Material to encourage Recycling and cut down on new landfill, reducing carbon footprint one pump at a time!

The Plastic Problem


  • 8 Million Tons of Plastic End Up in Our Oceans Annually!
  • Over 100,000 Marine Animals Die Yearly from Plastic Entanglement!
  • Only 9% of All Plastic Ever Made Has Been Recycled
  • Up to 80% of Ocean Plastic Comes from Land-Based Sources!
  • Plastic Packaging Represents Half of All Plastic Waste!
Our Story
Foam Shampoo Bottle | Kids Soap DispenserEco-Friendly Kids Products | High-Quality Children's Products

Birth of the Foamy Bottle

Lily was a shampoo waster, and Edith had never been a fan of shampoo.

Bathing was like a battlefield – Lily would empty the bottle to drown her hair in shampoo, while Edith played dodge-the-shampoo.

Our bathroom was a splash zone, and the single-use plastic shampoo bottle vanished every week .

That's a mountain of plastics a year!

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