Foam Shampoo Bottle | Kids Soap DispenserFoam Shampoo Bottle | Kids Soap Dispenser

The Bath Time Battle

Lily was a shampoo waster, and Edith had never been a fan of shampoo.

Bathing was like a battlefield – Lily would empty the bottle to drown her hair in shampoo, while Edith played dodge-the-shampoo.

Our bathroom was a splash zone, and the single-use plastic shampoo bottle vanished every week .

That's a mountain of plastics a year!

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The Bubble Breakthrough

One evening, after another showdown, I thought, 'There's got to be a better solution to this.

Why not design a fun, foamy bottle that creates more foam with less shampoo?

A foam pump bottle mixes air with shampoo, making bubbly foam. This foam spreads easily in your hair, so you need less shampoo for a good wash.

This way, Lily could pump out fluffy clouds of foam without emptying the bottle, and Edith could enjoy a giggle-filled bath without the shampoo tears.

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Eco-Fun with PCR

To be better, we could use Recycled Material (PCR) to help reuse existing plastics:

Reducing the demand for new plastic and reducing landfill waste.

To be even better, we could purchase bulk concentrated liquid to cut down on the single-use plastic bottles used.

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The Foam-tastic Bottle

That’s how the recycled foamy bottle was born - a bottle that cuts shampoo use, brings joy to bath time, and saves the planet one foam pump at a time.

But wait, there's more! Lily’s creative mind added cute animals and stickers to our design.

We still need to name them!

Our Fun Foam Bottle is not just a bubble factory; it's a planet protector.

Made from recycled materials (PCR), it's a lesson in sustainability, wrapped in cuteness. Kids can jazz it up with stickers, making bath time both eco-friendly and super fun.

Say goodbye to shampoo wars and hello to foamy fun with our adorable, planet-loving bottle!"

LILY & EDITH's Story

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