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The Plastic Concern

One day, Lily and Edith were reading a book about plastics. It was an eye-opener, and we learned that:

The plastic dental floss we had been using takes hundreds of years to decompose and causes harm to the oceans and the Earth.

"Mommy, could we use plants instead of plastics to floss our teeth?" Lily turned to me and asked.

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Be Biodegradable

"Hmm, why not find out?" And just like that, we embarked on a mission to explore alternatives and create something special.

After months of research, we discovered that we could actually use

cornstarch (PBAT & PLA) to make dental floss picks, and it's completely biodegradable!

This is how "The Biodegradable Floss" was born.

founder story LILY & EDITH Eco-Friendly Dental Floss Picks for Adults and Kids

Eco-Cool & Choco-Filled

This floss wasn't just kinder to our planet; it was perfect for little hands.

We made them in cute, colorful animal designs that the kids absolutely adored. And for the older ones? We made bigger sizes! But the best part?

Lily and Edith decided to add a dash of excitement with their favorite flavor - chocolate!

Flossing became the most awaited adventure of the day.

We are on a mission to inspire our friends and family to do the same.

PBAT, a fossil-based polymer, is incredibly biodegradable and turns into water, CO2, and biomass, offering a less harmful degradation process compared to traditional plastics. PLA, made from corn starch or sugarcane, is compostable in commercial facilities, with a little catch for home composting - it needs specific conditions like high temperatures. Combining them enhances the biodegradation speed and material flexibility.

PBAT/PLA are steps in the right direction but not complete solutions to plastic waste.

LILY & EDITH's Story

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